Spa Nescens

It’s a proven fact that our life expectancy is constantly increasing and we all want to maintain our appearance as long as possible, along with our general fitness and our youthfulness. Because a long life is great, provided one can continue living the life one loves. For this reason, the Spa Nescens draws on the scientific and medical expertise of the Nescens brand stemming from the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Genolier (Switzerland) created over 15 years ago by Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the realm of the biology of aging and antiaging medicine. The Spa Nescens offers the very best, whether you wish to free yourself from stress in order to regain a deep-seated sense of well-being, recapture your dynamism, improve your body shape or slow down the effects of time, the ultimate aim being to live better, for as long as possible.

The Spa Nescens is a comprehensive spa offering a unique range of services in an elegant, lush green setting: Better-aging programs, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Coaching, Body treatments, Facials, Cosmeceutical procedures, Fitness and sports coaching, SENSAI SELECT SPA, Hair. These services have been developed and approved by the Nescens brand scientific committee. Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, coaches and medical specialists with expertise in the realms of preventive and antiaging medicine. The high-end environment of the Spa Nescens fosters wellbeing and pleasure.  

Private Spa & Day Spa

Enjoy the Private Spa Suite as a couple or by yourself – and discover sheer relaxation in complete privacy. Facilities include private steam bath and sauna as well as a twin bathtub strewn with petals by candlelight. There’s even a view of the surrounding countryside. Be sure to complete the picture with one of our treatment rituals. Or discover the diversity of our Day Spa offers.

Spa Memberships

If you wish to take care of yourself, maintain your youthfulness, live better for as long as possible, the Spa Nescens at VICTORIAJUNGFRAU Grand Hotel & Spa offers better-aging support throughout the year. In cooperation with the scientific committee of Nescens your goals will offer tailored treatment including putting together a personalized program. You will benefit from exclusive advice and encounters with anti-aging specialists at the beginning of your membership. You will enjoy the beautiful indoor pool and our sun terrace in summer, various heat experiences and fitness center as well as personalized monitoring by coaches, along with a rich, varied program of group fitness classes, such as yoga, stretching, zumba, water gymnastic or outdoor activities. You will have access to tennis courts and, depending on your membership level, free access to the exclusive Spa Nescens and a credit you can use for specific hotel services.  

Spa Bistro

Dedicated to your well-being, the Spa Bistro is all about unwinding and feeling good. Energize yourself with freshly prepared, vitamin-packed smoothies or fruit cocktails, a wide selection of green-, white- and black- teas as well as refreshing healthy drinks. Every day from 12 hrs to 18 hrs we offer a selection of healthy and light cold dishes, and adapted to the season tasty cold or warm soups. Weather permitting it is our pleasure to serve the full selection at our sun terrace.