Giessbach waterfalls

The majestic masses of water make their way past the fairytale Grand Hotel Giessbach and plunge 400 meters down into the depths. Afterwards, the thundering mass of water flows into the turquoise-colored Lake Brienz. Idyllic paths wind along the riverbed, allowing you and your loved ones to admire the impressive natural spectacle from different angles. The section of the path that runs along behind one of the waterfalls is particularly fascinating.

Wooden bridges give you the opportunity to be very close to the spectacle and the rushing water. At night, the unique waterfall shines in impressive colors and is staged by the artfully placed lighting. The excursion can be optimally combined with a relaxing boat trip on Lake Brienz.

The falls can be reached in a short time on foot, with a leisurely hike or with the historic funicular railroad. Further information can be found under the following link: Giessbach Falls (