Victoria Beer  

Victoria Beer  

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Victoria Beer

The Bernese Oberland is recognized for its concentration of microbreweries.

Therefore it was obvious to offer guests, in addition to the "Menu Vo Hie", the large regional wine selection and the Oberländer spirits, a unique beer with a local character. In cooperation with JungfrauBräu, we are offering the new Victoria beer on the drinks menu. This bottled beer is a pale ale buck, a blend of English pale ale and German bock beer. In addition, the Jungfrau beer, a bottom-fermented warehouse, is available as a draft beer.

Dominik Gyger, Bar Manager reports, "At JungfrauBräu in Brienz, we have met with open and enthusiastic ears right from the start. That JungfrauBräu also shares half of the name of our hotel, is of course a welcome coincidence. It seems like this beer was waiting for us. "

JungfrauBräu (draft beer) – Brienz 30 cl CHF 6
Victoria Bier – Pale Ale Bockbier – Brienz 33 cl CHF 10