A recipe from Stefan Beer

Sigriswil trout
Sigriswil trout fillet without skin, boned  1 pc
Grated lime zest   1x
Swiss Alpine salt  1 pinch
Steffisburg sunflower oil   little  

Trim the fillets, brush lightly with the sunflower oil and marinate with grated lime zest. Just before serving, season with a pinch of Swiss Alpine salt.

Cucumber-wood sorrel Nage (basic recipe)
Kirchdorf cucumbers  2 pc
Uetendorf wood sorrel   50 g
Alternatively, basil can also be used
Kirchdorf celery  1 stick

Fish fond   50 ml
Lime juice  20 ml
Spiezer Riesling  10 ml
Swiss Alpine salt
Xantan  3 g

Wash and juice the cucumber, celery and wood sorrel, then strain. Add the fish fond, white wine and lime juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Lightly thicken the nage with Xantan and blend well with a hand mixer. Then place in the refrigerator and allow to set.

Wood sorrel oil (basic recipe)
Uetendorf wood sorrel  40 g
Alternatively, basil can also be used
Parsley, fresh  40 g
Steffisburg sunflower oil  2 dl
Xantan  3 g

Wash the wood sorrel and parsley well and then dry them with paper. Coarsely blend the oil with the wood sorrel and parsley in the Thermomix. Then heat the oil to 72 degrees and let it turn slowly for 7 minutes. As an alternative to the Thermomix, heat the oil slightly (a little more than you can touch), then add the herbs and mix well with a household blender. Then strain through a fine straining cloth and immediately place it in the fridge to set.

Trout from above
Nage from above
Wood sorrel oil
Meiring Crème fraîche
Cucumber cubes from Kirchdorf cucumber
Uetendorf wood sorrel
Alternatively, basil can also be used

Spread the trout pieces on the plate and cover the bottom of the plate well with the cucumber-wood sorrel Nage. Place cucumber cubes on each piece of fish and then garnish with the fresh wood sorrel & wood sorrel oil.