Function rooms

Whatever the type of event you are planning, the grand-hotel atmosphere of the VICTORIA-JUNGFRAU always provides the ideal setting.

Room Max. capacity
La Salle Côté Jardin 400 people
L'Orangerie 200 people
La Salle Ruchti 60 people
La Salle Seiler 40 people
La Salle Davinet 40 people
La Fontaine 80 people
La Fontaine I 42 people
La Fontaine II 25 people
Le Conseiller 40 people
Le Salon Rotary 70 people
L'Ambassadeur 12 people
La Pendule 35 people
La Salle de Versailles 400 people
La Salle Général Guisan 300 people
Le Salon Napoléon III 160 people
Salon Rouge 80 people